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The client for the chair is myself, I am 156cm and like to sit with my legs crossed. The design of the Casa chair intends both encourage focus when working but also relieve stress when relaxing by having the seat titled 5 degree towards the back, the seat angle 105 degree, and the back support made with bending plywood that allows flexibility when leaning on it. I made the seat height 18 in, slightly higher than the height of a normal desk chair, 16 in, because the desk is 29 in high. I know that I do not want to use upholstery since the beginning as I work and eat a lot in my seat, and often spill paint or food on the chair; it would be hard to clean the fabric and the foam in it if the material isn’t waterproof. Also, I don’t have a very big working area on the desk, so I always have my stuff scattered on the floor. Therefore, the chair I make would have to allow the user to easily bend down to pick up things on the floor without any barrier. Through my design process, I chose to make the back piece shorter so that it doesn’t come to the front as much and as a result provides users convenience and mobility when sitting in the chair. The seat itself is made with five layers of bending plywood to form the shape that embrace the user’s body, while the curve on the seat creates support on the thighs when sitting leg-crossed. The turned legs are meant to go with the desk legs, whilst the organic form reflects the greenery elements in the room. Maple finish allows the subtle color to blend in the space without taking away too much attention.



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