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Inspired by Pica Amalia’s work “Sorry for the Metaphor” and a professor from CMU name Robert Kraut, this installation is a combination of an abandoned tire and photo mounting of 2D printings to criticize the fabricated society and harm social media has brought to the modern world. I made use of the printing skills, including magnification, reduction, and repeating photocopying to create the rhythm of the work while the black and white sketch demonstrates layers of overlapping, intersecting sights of country and city to make a look of fabricated society. The Instagram window represents for social media; the post is left in blank to imply the superficiality. Notice the circular form of the tire implies to its ability of speed, it also suggest as people focus on pursuing to make progress in technology, they won’t be able to recognize the issue. Hence, the installation intends to convince people not to underestimate the power of misusing posts on social media.


2016 / pencil and black ink

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