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"Out of Many, MANY"

2017 / performance

This performance is inspired by Sharon Hayes’s project “In the near Future” (2005), I carried a sign in whole school assembly to criticize on the poor communication in school. My slogan, “Out of Many, MANY” plays a sarcasm on school’s motto, “Out of Many, One”, to say that the school is not working together as we expected. From the beginning of the video, the crowd is facing its backs to me; therefore they aren’t capable of realizing the issue. However, when I go on to the podium and raise the sign over my head, the crowd reads the slogan out loud but still don’t seem to understand the meaning behind it. Fortunately, as the crowds leave for their classes, the administrators come and talk to me. The manifestation implies that in the broader community, poor communication could lead to failure of democracy, while people are busy with their own lives, often become ignorant about the vital problems around them.

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