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This installation demonstrates the nature of life. I used hot air gun to heat up stripes that are cut from plastic sheets in order to bend them into myriad forms. Later, I stuck the curly stripes ends around a light bulb to construct a sphere. While the light bulb symbolizes a person’s soul, the plastic stripes represent relationships the person builds throughout life. The bends on the plastic stripe show the significant accomplishments and memorial events. As the person grows, numerous plastic stripes, personal connections and experiences, crisscross and create depth and rhythm when the light, his soul, shines through. Eventually, people come to ends of their lives and return to the nature, as their stripes are sprayed green and blue at tips. As a whole, this work conveys the development of a person’s life with personal connections that shapes his characteristics, and a brand new life story would begin as the stripes reborn from nature, in an ongoing process.


2016 / plastic sheet

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