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2015 / photograph

Inspired by Olafur Eliasson’s “The Weather Project”, this photograph collage assembled over twenty photos to raise people’s awareness toward acid rain; since there is no difference in appearance and smell from normal rainfall, people fail to realize such deposition brings harm. The mirror effect of background makes the overall symmetry that creates a sense of harmony. Overall tonality of the photo is saturated with bright colors, giving the audience a dream-like visual impact. The girl standing right in the sunset breaks the balance and indicates humans’ eagerness of industrial development blocked out their own future. She poses a negative gesture but her position also suggests her capability of making a change, as long as she steps forward, the sun will then shine through again. Composed by cracked soil, dead fish, and silhouette of mill town on the beach, the photograph intends to create an illusion of ideal scenery in contrast with the damage caused by acid rain in reality.

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