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Inspired by Francesca Pasquali, “Red Straws” (2015), this installation is a transposition of my previous 2D charcoal landscape into a 3D assemblage of daily industrial materials to demonstrate deforestation. To start off, I was fascinated about relief sculpture, so I carved a piece of Styrofoam into seven layers based on a photograph I took in New Zealand. Then I glued materials, such as nails, zippers, and gears, on the Styrofoam to represent different industries that replaced the forests. During experiments, I accidentally found out Styrofoam melts when spraying on it, so I took use of the specialty and create various textures. With silver spray paint, I achieve a monochromatic work, whereas it reflects its environment and make the audience part of itself. In addition, the work has a wooden frame which play as a sarcasm to the reciprocal relationship it has with the landscape. In conclusion, the installation serves as a symbol of deforestation and delivers an alarming message. 


2016 / mix media

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